Microneedling in Evansville, IN is a medical procedure that uses a dermaroller to a microneedler over certain areas of the skin. The process is simple and effective. The microneedles puncture your skin to stimulate collagen production and to increase the absorption of any skincare products that you are currently using.

Microneedling has been used mainly to rid of acne scars or fine lines. Although this process is popular for the face, microneedling can be used anywhere in the body to combat stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars.


This is a procedure that we personally DO NOT recommend you try at home. When it is time for the procedure we will apply an anesthetic cream on the area that will be treated. We use this cream to ensure that every client has a comfortable procedure. Our technician will then roll the microneedling device over the skin. The device will create tiny holes in the surface.

Typically, this process takes 30 minutes. Afte the procedure, your skin will appear somewhat red, similar to a sunburn. Depending on each client, it will take only a couple of days for the skin to look fully normal. Natural collagen production can take weeks or months to produce, this is not an instant fix. In the long run, your skin will be more improved.

Depending on your skin and the area that we will be treating, you might need more than 1 procedure. Usually, we recommend 3 to 6 treatments. Those looking to treat deep wrinkles or stretch marks will need more than the recommended amount of treatments.


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Microneedling in Evansville, IN    Microneedling in Evansville, IN

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