The Y-Lift treatment for facial rejuvenation is taking the aesthetic industry by storm. Imagine looking years younger – and like yourself – no surgery required! The Y-Lift is a groundbreaking, age-defying treatment available at Bella Vi.

What is a Y-Lift?

A Y-Lift is named after the ideal facial structure – a Y shape with broad cheekbones, a defined jawline, and a narrower chin. The Y shape is universally recognized as a sign of beauty and youth and can be yours with a custom Y-Lift in Nashville at Bella Vi.

This treatment involves creating this beautiful shape by:

  • Adding volume and contour
  • Smoothing lines
  • Reducing sagging skin on the upper neck
  • Creating a refreshed, healthy look with precision injections of hyaluronic acid dermal filler

The needle used to create the beautiful effect of the Y-Lift is unique and can instantly address many of the most common signs of an aging face.

What are the benefits of a Y-Lift?

A Y-Lift dramatically enhances your look without surgery or other invasive procedures. This treatment involves no pulling, cutting, or stitches. Instead, a fine needle adds hyaluronic acid filler to smooth lines and wrinkles, creating a more refreshed upper face by adding subtle volume at the cheeks. The procedure can also add contour and shape to redefine the jawline. Imagine looking years younger without worrying about a long recovery time – you deserve to find out if a Y-Lift suits you.

Y-Lift Nashville

Why choose Bella Vi for a Y-Lift?

Our Nashville medspa is the ultimate destination for beauty and facial rejuvenation, serving the entire region. Our clients come to us from the local area and other cities and states as they trust us to achieve the desired result and understand that we are dedicated to ensuring complete client satisfaction – and achieve that goal every day. Over our years in practice, we are honored to be recognized as the premier medspa in our area, and we thank our long list of loyal clients for their positive reviews and for sending us their friends and relatives!

What does a Y-Lift cost?

The costs associated with a custom Y-Lift will be based on the filler needed to create the ultimate facial “Y” shape, which varies from person to person. You may complete the entire procedure in one appointment or spread it out over two, addressing the cheeks and under-eye hollows one day and the jawline, wrinkles, and upper neck in another. The cost of your treatment will reflect your unique needs, skin condition, and loss of facial volume. Meet with us, and we can evaluate your condition and advise you about the cost of treatment.

What is the recovery time after a Y-Lift?

After your Y-Lift in Nashville, you can return to your typical day with no real recovery time to worry about. It is normal to feel some sensitivity or tenderness in the treated areas for a day or two, or minor bruising, which can be camouflaged with cosmetics, typically disappearing within the first week. The procedure carries no significant risks and minimal side effects, including minor swelling or bruising.

Y-Lift FAQ

Why is the Y-Lift called a “lunchtime facelift?”

The Y-Lift has been called a “lunchtime lift” as it can be performed over your lunch hour, after which you simply return to your typical day, looking fabulous.

How is a Y-Lift different from other injection treatments?

This treatment involves the precision marking of the face and using a specialized titanium instrument to inject filler beneath the skin and muscles atop the bone to create the most natural-looking outcome.

How long is the recovery after a Y-Lift?

You can expect little recovery time other than minor swelling or bruising.

Can a Y-Lift be reversed if I don’t like it?

Yes, as the injections are hyaluronic acid filler, the treatment is reversible. Although, we doubt you will want to do anything other than love, love, love your rejuvenated look!

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