Healthy, thick hair is a sign of youth, but the hair can become thinner, finer, or shed with time. Advanced hair restoration treatments can help you retain your hair in the first stages of hair loss.

At Bella Vi, we deliver custom hair restoration treatments to prevent hair loss and keep the hair healthy and thick. The magic of hair restoration lies in the body’s natural capacity to regenerate when the proper nutrients are administered. We perform PRP hair restoration in Nashville using a serum from your blood loaded with growth factors to awaken dying hair follicles.

Hair restoration with PRP

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a product created from your blood.

First, a blood sample is taken, just like a standard blood draw. The blood is then specially processed to concentrate the growth factors in the blood. Once the PRP is ready, we can apply it to the scalp after a microneedling procedure.

The healing factors in the PRP flow through the tiny channels created by the microneedling device so the growth factors can stimulate dying hair follicles to regenerate. They respond by becoming more active and producing thicker, healthier hair strands.

Hair Restoration for Nashville

PRP Hair Restoration Overview & Testimonial

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Exosomes for hair regeneration

Exosome hair regeneration therapy is a cutting-edge regenerative treatment that can restore the health and thickness of the hair. Exosomes serve a specific purpose in the body's function, acting as messengers to the cells. When administered to the scalp, the exosomes can trigger cell renewal in the hair follicles, which may go dormant or produce thinner, finer hair strands

What is the exosome hair therapy treatment?

The treatment involves first numbing the area of the scalp, whether a receding hairline, thinning hair, a wider part, or another type of hair loss issue. Once the scalp area is numb, the exosomes are injected into the thinning area via a thin needle. This treatment may be paired with PRP hair restoration in Nashville for a more significant increase in hair growth.

Hair Restoration for Nashville

What is the procedure like to experience?

At Bella Vi, we ensure client comfort in every procedure. You will be resting in a private treatment room, and a numbing anesthetic will be applied to ensure the method does not involve any pain. Once the scalp is numb, microneedling can be performed, with the addition of exosome therapy for the best outcome.

If you notice hair loss issues, these treatments can be highly effective but should be performed in the early stages of hair loss -- before the hair follicles die. The treatment takes about one to two hours, after which you can return to your usual activities.

Why choose us?

Bella Vi is a state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic with the latest devices and regenerative treatments, including hair restoration. A private, luxury environment, Bella Vi was established to deliver the highest quality services in privacy and comfort. Every client can expect the highest level of personalized care and a customized treatment plan for hair restoration. Imagine yourself with thicker, healthier hair – we are here to help.

How much does hair restoration cost?

Every client has a unique situation concerning hair loss. The first step is to evaluate your hair and then curate a custom treatment plan. As every client is different, the costs can vary. We invite you to meet with us to find out the cost of treating your hair loss – one of the benefits of Bella Vi is that although you will be treated like a VIP, we offer services at very reasonable rates.

What is the recovery after PRP hair restoration in Nashville?

The recovery from these treatments varies, depending on whether you had microneedling, PRP injections, or exosome therapy. Generally, you can expect to feel some itching, swelling, or minor soreness for a few days. These side effects are usually easily controlled with over-the-counter medications like Tylenol. Ensure you are well-hydrated and avoid blood thinning medications and supplements for one week.

Hair restoration FAQ

Can you slow down inherited balding?

With early treatment, even clients who inherited the balding gene can slow the process. You may need regular treatments performed every six months or yearly.

Does microneedling with PRP help with hair loss?

Regular microneedling treatments with PRP typically keep the hair looking thick, healthy, and lush.

Do exosomes work to ward off hair loss?

Exosomes can prolong the natural cycle of hair growth. When hair follicles are stuck in the resting phase, they can be rejuvenated to once again produce thick, healthy hair strands

What is the best regenerative treatment for hair loss?

While medications can stimulate hair growth, nothing is better than natural regeneration. PRP hair restoration in Nashville effectively promotes new hair growth and triggers dormant hair follicles to restore and produce hair. Exosome therapy is another groundbreaking regenerative treatment for hair loss, and combining the two treatments is an excellent approach for regenerative hair restoration.

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