Swedish Massage in Evansville, IN

The Swedish massage is the best-known type of massage that is performed today. It is a therapy that goes beyond relaxation. Our Swedish massage in Evansville, IN will take you to another state of relaxation and inner peace!

The Benefits of a Swedish Massage

The main benefit of a Swedish massage is the relaxation it provides. The strokes of our Swedish massage in Evansville, IN relaxes the individual muscles, increases blood flow and quickens the removal of bodily waste. The Swedish massage also targets specific areas of pain and manages chronic pain with conditions such as arthritis. People also tend to experience a decrease in depression and anxiety as well as better self-esteem, enhanced social function, and improved body image.


The Perfect Strokes

When receiving our Swedish massage in Evansville, IN, there are five primary strokes we perform.

  • Effleurage strokes are long flowing strokes that allow the therapist to spread the lubricant and feel the muscle tone.
  • Petrissage is a kneading stroke that lifts and squeezes the tissue and it helps flush out metabolic waste in that area.
  • Friction is a stroke that involves fast short movements to create heat. This is good to bring blood flow to that area and is great for loosening ligaments.
  • Tapotement is a series of light blows to the body designed to relax a muscle. This is the stroke most people are familiar with and sometimes looks like alternating karate chops.
  • Vibration is a stroke that is used to create movement in the entire body and when done properly, is very relaxing.

Feel Relaxed!

Let our Swedish massage in Evansville, IN get you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated again! Our therapists will take you into another world of complete relaxation and will have you leaving rejuvenated and energized. Take your stress away and feel great again! Give us a call today to book your appointment today!


Swedish Message in Evansville, IN     Swedish Massage in Evansville, IN

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