Wouldn’t you like to have sweat-free underarms? Are you bothered by the sweat? Don’t you hate the yellow underarm stains on your white clothes? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, our MiraDry treatment in Evansville, IN could stop the sweat! No one loves sweaty underarms so put an end to them!


Our MiraDry treatment in Evansville, IN is a safe, clinically proven, FDA approved solution to reduce underarm sweat. There is no surgical cuts or incisions because it delivers controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area to reduce the underarm sweat glands. It also provides the reduction of underarm sweat, unlike deodorants that only reduce the sweat and odor temporarily. You can expect little to no downtime after you receive your MiraDry treatment, so you could return to your daily activities right away!


When you receive a MiraDry treatment in Evansville, IN, you will no longer have to deal with the sweat or odor of your underarms since MiraDry eliminates the sweat glands!  A recent clinical study shows that patients experienced an 82% reduction in underarm sweat. This procedure is toxin-free, non-surgical, and non-invasive! You will also experience little to no downtime after receiving the treatment and the results are immediate and lasting.


Finally, there’s a treatment for underarm sweat! No one likes the smelly and sticky feeling of armpit sweat so why not try our MiraDry treatment in Evansville, IN? You could finally stop the sweat and feel confident and beautiful without worrying about reapplying your deodorant or keeping an extra travel-sized one in your purse. You can go about your day with armpits that are dry and odorless! Call us today to schedule your free consultation to get your underarms smelling and feeling amazing! Finally feel beautiful and sweat free!


miradry treatment IN EVANSVILLE, IN    miradry treatment IN EVANSVILLE, IN

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