Kybella Treatment in Evansville, IN

Are you unhappy with your double chin? Have you tried all the exercises to get rid of it, but it just doesn’t help? We have a solution to help you reduce the appearance fo your double chin. Our Kybella treatment in Evansville, IN is the only FDA-approved injectable treatments that naturally destroys fat cells in your double chin with deoxycholic acid.

Kybella Treatment Benefits

Our Kybella treatment in Evansville, IN, not only brings you more confidence, but it’s also completely non-surgical! That means no downtime, pain or anesthesia so you could get back to your normal day the same day you leave our spa! There are also minimal side effects such as redness and minor pain for some. So when you receive your Kybella treatment, the fat cells in your chin will no longer accumulate fat, which means no more double chin ever! Our Kybella treatment is injected in a series of appointments, typically between 4-6 appointments that are spaced out about a month apart. After each session, the Kybella treatment melts away more and more fat cells until you reach your desired result.


Is Kybella Right For Me?

If you’re looking for a quick and painless treatment with no downtime at all, Kybella is right for you. Usually everyone that is 18 and over is a candidate for our Kybella treatment in Evansville, IN, however we do recommend that our clients should be screened carefully by their doctors in order to ensure that your double chin is just fat and not a serious medical condition. Kybella is usually good for anyone who feels that fat melting injections are less intimidating than extracting fat through liposuction procedures. Keep in mind that Kybella treatments are not a substitute for a necklift or facelift since those treatments tighten and lift neck skin while Kybella just removes fat cells under the chin.

Reduce The Appearance of Your Double Chin

Ready to reduce the appearance of your double chin? Get Kybella today! It’s quick, non-invasive, and completely painless! Get ready to experience complete confidence and feel beautiful again with our Kybella treatment in Evansville, IN! Give us a call today to receive your free consultation!  


kybella in evansville, in     kybella in evansville, in

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